Star Trek: Cloaking Device Shields Projections by Unknown ScriptWriter

Revelatory Apprenticeship Runes into iDevices AlphaNumeric Appellation – Template Unprotected – Runes Today 2018

In the Making – Advanced Technical Language Technology

Encrypt to Light Shape Codes

“Attract what is projected”

Assimilation Data Collections – Combine with New Data

Sparks into an Advanced Direction (s) for Numerous Purposes – TBA


CEO of IBM-TES is along the lines of getting ready for the true meaning of Extra Sensorial Perceptions. Mandates for 2019 – Drafts to start end of 2018.

  • What this MeshMetal LightDome can do for a movie.
  • Star Trek with Cloaking Device Reality.
  • Background Colour Progressive Check
  • Lights Colour Progressive Check
  • Background darker or lighter to a certain Colour Degree.
  • “Divinatory in Dark-Bright (total darkness or total lightness) Lighting has a significance.”

Tools Assisting AI + Advanced Technology Communication Paths

Privilege Children of Today – BB8 will grow Forts of Purposes Libraries

Joke of the Day: If you already have it – continue, I really like these designs.

At one time, I wanted only the content and its performance at its highest Obtenance.  Official Warrant of its Ultimate Performance.