Sync Revert Blood Nerve to Fully Functional Development by CEO IBM-TES

Objectives: By Step. Comprehensive Planning of Reverting to Favourable Blood and Nerve Conductors. 

"Stem Cell Physiology. The many cells that make up the blood and immune system are continuously produced throughout life from hemopoietic stem cells residing in the bone marrow."

The role of stem cells in physiology, pathophysiology, and therapy of the blood system.

Slow Release to Rapid Results and Quick Release for Slow Results. Sounds funny or sounds strange. How can slow release bring on rapid results when quick release show slower results.

What are you addressing here. I am addressing the aggressive reproduction of the antibodies white globules. Giving it a slow release will give out rapid results, putting the breaks on its over-reproduction. On that principle only can this happen. Slow release will give out rapid results while Rapid release may also do the same magic by not making this over-production invade the red cells blood globules. Stem Cells of most properties of the blood system. 

Veins are made of: XXX properties compositions. Blood itself: XXX properties compositions.  Nourishment for this system chemicals minerals proteins, xxx compositions properties.

Out of this result – that famous universal blood stem cell can be moulded into contributions for reversals, reverts and its devotion. How docile will that blood system become when stem cells of Universal Acceptation is introduced? Perhaps better than ever. All properties are replying associating contributing and energising their reason to be. Type U. Blood Stem Cells are seeing the bright light. Are able to connect furiously or meekly with brain neurons. What other properties must it have? What brain neurons enjoy and thrive on.

Brain and Blood System came first, yes? Therefore, the brain wants the oxygen of the blood system. Later on, the ultra-sound detects heartbeats. Both are the most important organisms to first find out all about in order to DEVELOP the StemCells U. These stem cells U feed every micro-organisms of brain and blood system. Oxygen is #1. Carbons are released. Oxygen must replenish. How? StemCells U Blood System.

Here in todays language – as written above – Jesus Christ is addressing our first development – the brain and the blood system.

Out of respect of Jesus Christ's words, I will look into it.

When a body with organisms being at a good level of gain and losses working together in a very good way – skin and minerals bone structures are intact while age is advanced, it is possible to believe that a liquid or liquids can maintain and certain foods will solidify it. Jesus preferred Fermentation and vitamin B. Wines in Israel are like wines from Ontario. Sweet wines from very ripe to frozen then crushed for wine. A fermentation is being formed. Stem Cells U may one day be developed for such purposes, maintenance, since we already have acquired our blood system, since other StemCells have conditioned all organisms involved contributors to its flow streaming with oxygen, it will happen right in front of your eyes and microscopes in depth that cells renew and die – what happens here. Cells die to give place to new cells. Cells need instructions. Maintenance Liquids StemCellsU will do just that. It is one instrument amongst other instruments. 

Misfortune has it that people lose all sensation through accidents. The spinal cords are usually attacked, destroyed cells without any connection left to drag away without feeling full of numbness.

Design of many filaments imaginary lines from one nerve into another beside or above each other. Ungroup or Group of many nerves.

(just me notes)

Finding primary nerves into secondary nerves. Finding authoritarian nerves with capillary nerves 

Stimulation – Pulse – Circulation and Reverting into itself at a slow underdeveloped stage as if we are imitating it's early growth and function.

Blood circulation takes one minute – nerve function take a few seconds max. Its command to function and to retract at the same rate slowly by pulse pivoting in itself at the extremities to then return from the command area. 

From elbow to fingers to revert slowly to underdeveloped stage. 

Synonyms for revert. verb return to an earlier, less-developed condition. degeneratestar. go backstar. hark backstar.

return, go back, change back

return to (a previous state, condition

Blood and Nervous System Revert

MicroChips with very little implants – outer and between lining of certain spandex, lycra vests.

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