Tall Orders Full Human Body Skeleton Comprehension and FED by Adriana CEO IBM-TES


Growing our DNA?


Calcium is found in Broccoli?

Can HUMAN Absorbable be grown as well?

I can remember days when some scientists were sure that our bodies, once deceased, could be used as compost for growth…

How about GMO style. Can we blend mix and match according to our regrowth, rejuvenate or simply a chance to renew its abilities to absorb and stream its properties for other composites of the human being replenish renew rejuvenate while this production is put into place, muscles grow more rapidly and fat is circulating not glued to tissues. Minerals alone will not make the muscle grow but mineral protein plant foods may need the same incubation as this rock garden, worth a try?

Enough water Enough Chlorophyll Enough Sunlight Enough Oxygen, etc…

Worth a try! Human Friendly Minerals and Proteins.

Cactus Plants ? Could there be another species?

Revenge on Deterioration Degeneration is on!



We all heard of BoneMarrow Donors but we do not hear too much on how to boost its power. Rejuvenation Youth Centers TBA

Rejuvenation of Older Blood Bone Marrow is it something only to be fantasised on or something that can be done in the very near future FutureTodayNow.

IBM-TES at Work.

  • Where it beings and where it ended from Cranial to toes and fingertips – bone is bone and bone relies on a few mysterious composites. Let us find them and inject our famous Coloured Balls each colour being in synergy the moment they burst. Is Nitrogen recommended or is there another ingredient our body craves for in order to keep youthful bouncy and fairly happy as we walk the paths of life. I wrote this because and only for the purpose to look scientifically inclined in my romance passion and sense of adventure for Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Ann to comprehend.

Natural Phenomena of Nitrogen Burst full of Extra Ingredients by Colour Balls 

  • Injections of Coloured Balls (bullets) 
  • Forced into Expansion
  • Release – Slow Suspension Delay for continuous action timely manner.
  • Assisting Oxygen Mask Contributor
  • Will it help in recovery only or healing to one day self-clone into acceptable condition?
  • TBA


(Scientology has everything – we need to do this for ourselves)



Moveables – sometimes life hands out an accident. And sometimes, it is just cancer of the bones and breasts.

When nerve connections in themselves are near perfection – spinal cord shall be addressed in its Imperial Modesty. Our back and rib cage are our fortress while indicating other malaise in longevity. 

Let's work harder than Scientology – apparently they are so fucking lucky. All comes to them in an instant. That's the common thought so far. 

I said: If everyone has everything wouldn't you just live out your life? If everyone has already developped everything I mention here and there – shouldn't you all be enjoying your life? When it's my turn – I don't like I destroy. You all pitched in in destroying what needed to be done years ago. Read Moses. Hopefully, you'll start to find the reasoning of this fucking bible that you also had to modify.

As far as I know lots of these cancers start not from from bones. 

Replacement of certain non-moveables will be a priority in our future consideration – instead of giving up on the location while it is spreading, some of these parts will be replaced as well as the flesh that is all around.


What I am looking for is similar to the "sieve tube members, are a specialised type of elongated cell in the phloem tissue of flowering plants." 

After reading this brief paragraph or 2… The question arises.

Were we on the right track but kept on looking at the same reasoning by repeating the same lab tests?

Second question: The ingredients used with the cartilage were they adequate.

Third question; is there reason to believe that it can only be good for some forms of benign cancers tumours arthritis rheumatism by taking it orally?

Fourth question: When taken orally who will benefit from it other than what we believe to be normal condition organs especially the kidney – which proteins does it favour?

If we could find its gel glue binder for human skeleton what would be the best combination while minimising debris of bones with wear-tear conditions. Can renewal stem cell of human cartilage benefit from this. 

I am sure you all did it, thoughtful minds keep reminding me that everything is done with at least 50 yrs of living cells renewing without too much debris and loss of density caving in in small little holes.

As soon as this is possible read what other scientists lab tests research have noted and see if this can benefit us in more than oral ingestions.

There is no scientific evidence that shark cartilage is useful in treating or preventing cancer or other diseases.  Controlled trials have shown no benefit to shark cartilage supplements,  and shark cartilage contains potentially toxic compounds linked to Alzheimer disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis However, shark cartilage supplements remain popular on the basis of the misconception that sharks do not get cancer, popularized in the 1992 best-selling book Sharks Don't Get Cancer.

Tumors of many kinds, some metastatic, have been found in numerous species of sharks.The first shark tumor was recorded in 1908. Scientists have since discovered 40 benign and cancerous tumors in 18 of the 1,168 species of sharks. Scarcity of studies on shark physiology has perhaps allowed the myth to be accepted as fact for so many years.  Numerous cancers in sharks, including tumors in shark cartilage, were documented by Gary Ostrander and his colleagues from the University of Hawaii in research published in 2004

cartilageshark  shark-teeth

All developments to be considered – approaching all minerals.

Shark teeth are arranged in neat conveyor belt rows and can be replaced within a day of losing one. 5. Sharks average out to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. Although most have 5 and then there is the bull shark that has 50 rows of teeth.Aug 12, 2012 read this and other notes from other reliable sources.

What do all genes with 5 and 6 show – connections development renewal stimulators etc. so on and so forth. Compare human to whale and sharks

One of the facts that may be there – did not read: Shark meat came on the market when this wave of eating shark and taking shark cartilage orally would be of extreme benefit – all is possible. I need more facts on these benefits without ingestion more in applications and replacements – mixtures for skeleton sculptures – I said when I had a dream that people would call horror and nightmare, one day I'll sculpt some bones.

20 facts Believe or Not Believe – testing is more favourable for us.



Advancing Binding Bones with Gel Muco Cartilage Polysacch – Fine Grinder x Coarse. Human and Shark – Animal and shark

Genes connected to sharks and lobsters – regrowth of said calciums – these genes how do they compare to the ones promoting cell renewal of skin such as healing.

Light Beam for healing in certain locations – along with a second mechanical heart for recycling functions. Aiming at reducing the high taxing demands around the heart. Giving the heart a lighter load to pump.

Minerals fully understood – decomposition to live cells

Known blood flowing through new structured sculpted bones – demineralisation will resurface into certain possible virus.

Find with combinations of new composition of these minerals crushed bones cartilage and live blood and accelerate the possible event. Closed-in temperature ambiante to human body not more than 99 – to less than 99 and much more than 99F°

Lab tests have to reflect all around body temperatures first.

A few human engineering of a returned limb.


3 passages or 4 – accommodation of recycling pump – as small as it may be.

This heart pump miniaturisation will have to have also a return to the natural blood flow around the human heart. Another heart pump possibly where anxiety nerves have the most connection.

Heart Pumps will be very small circulate around the said area to return into their natural flow circulation to the human heart.

Drafts on all combinations of methods to apply in order to execute this test to a fully expansion mode for humans to receive.

Receive foreign minerals can only become a temporary method since we are not sure what the decomposition of the said minerals will bring back to life with our I.D. Genes or DNA.

Rib Cage has no movement so far – one day will have two or three moveable parts.

Many have insulted my intelligence and she is noway near of being happy.

When it comes to LIFE – my intelligence is intelligent she won't get all ruffled up when people with a passion get together. 

When it comes to Technology while others do not permit her to have a decent life and not that life full of eccentricities she is accustomed to. She is very angry. NOT jealous – she'll say: I'm flattered- Pay 90% of gross revenue. Don't have? I have trained gentlemen with gentle persuasions to pay. Your great grandchildren owe me… now.  You like it like that,of course, you would have stopped and said something a while ago before 2006. 

All people involved as of 2006 to +++ till all this dies down – will have to suffer and repay me. They better cough up all the answers to my stupid questions. I am so fucking tired of hearing: They already did it. We already have it. 

You'll do everything after. For someone who doesn't want she does. blah blah.

Pay. Suffer. Pay. Suffer. to your great grand children.

By the way – a message to all those thoughtful twats in my brain. Kill me to finish yourselves off.


nuclear-fusion-reactor kubo

You won't forget and will never forgive but I'm opened to find out how you will want to kill me when its your turn again. Repeat Verse today November 20, 2016.

Whoever falsifies all this in order to just kill those thoughtfullnesses in my brain will perish. All Spocks have a duty to scan and not judge – they have the right to give their scanning a memo personalised and that's all.