Technicalities of Laughing Joke Never Ceasing by IBM CEO Adriana

10.31 at 4h18pm – HealthCare in Hospitals Click = (Revolutionary?)

Visiting a hospital can sometimes be a scary experience. That’s why a company called NXT Health is working on new healthcare technology to change the way we experience treatments.

The goal of NXT health is to improve health care facilities by a pre-fabricate modular system of interchangeable parts that allow adaptations to occur with less impact on facility operations. Additionally, the concept is very intelligent and empowers patients to be more comfortable and allow them to have a sense of control during the medical experience by empowering them to connect with loved ones, collaborate with caregivers, and adjust various environmental features. Initiatives + innovation that’s what they provide.

NXT Health facing challenges with partnerships = ??? Enigma

IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is not and will NOT/NEVER have partnerships only mandates of work with certain companies when needed. The contract expires and so will the mandate become obsolete.

Any Scientists and Physicians working for/with Scientology is to leave today. IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is against any form shape and translucidities of helping the world re-establish some kind of normalcy.

Any Scientologist become prisoners serving humanity. We are preparing for a great number of eventualities and as always Adriana CEO is ahead of everyone by at least 10 yrs and would prefer boast with great figures such as 20 yrs or a generation ahead of their new generation not even born yet.

If the shoes fit – please leave. Get your brain scanned as mine was. I also object in advancing in background motion with selfies – Any selfies with high profile people is against my rules. Regulating the future through the present situation is out of my hands.

CEOs of FB – Google – Microsoft may have told people of Scientology to update. Voices may or may have not contacted them. Their misjudgments are not mine to fix.

Chrismas 1989  Bunch of fucking idiots, as always

Cordially yours.