TensionMeter Thermor Review with Recommendation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  What the packaging suggests:

Manufactured by: Thermor Ltd in New Mmarket, ON

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  • Clinically validated lol – highest bloodpressure accuracy rating ? Maybe
  • Patented PAD Technology detects irregular heart beat (my daughter the nurse from McGill University (highly reputed establishment) didn’t see that, I did)
  • Memory to recall last reading (no date made available to say if this is their latest concoction)
  • One touch operation – still can’t find the emplacement
  • Large display – no measurements indicated
  • Lifetime guaranteed – that means they are going to be overstocked lol
  • The one I have is: M – L Size and 8.7 – 16.65 inches long. for elephants like me.


  • Give adequate wrap around arm with indicator. No overlapping needed. Comes in different sizes.
  • For misfortunate people amputees, leg measure is available
  • The only changes is IBM Tech Eng stands behind YOU, Quality, Accuracy, Continued Determination to advance and improve today, tomorrow and always. We promise you this. Our promise serves us as well as you, our preferred clientele.

Consumers’ Choices – you be the judge. This unit is far less expensive with more ease of a reading at home or at hospitals (where employees have to talk about what they ate last night, what they need to buy and where they are vacationing.) Don’t count on misplaced information. Get real coverage with IBM. Will be available soon. Check Drugstores and Walmart, to name just 2.

Thank you for reading this post.