Tetanus Rabies Vaccines Refusals? Non, jamais? Revision for Cancer Chronic Illnesses by CEO of IBM-TES

Cancer Treatment Discoveries.

Sometimes we may wonder why we just did not see it before.

Cancer and/or Chronic Illnesses Diseases Disorders

There are 2 that possibly need to be revised as where it may be of beneficial when either combined or together.

  • Tetanus is foreign objects including iron rust
  • Rabies Vaccination one of the non-routine affectation nervous system



What is tetanus?

Tetanus is the name of a disease caused when the bacterium Clostridium tetani enters the body. The bacteria release certain toxins in the body which cause painful muscle spasms and can even result in death.

See as a revision article: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/dtap-tdap-td/hcp/recommendations.html 

CDC Centre Disease Control 

Tetanus vaccine is different from other vaccines you would have taken as a kid. Tetanus is a toxoid vaccine (containing inactivated toxins) that provides artificial immunity by manufacturing a pool of antitoxins in the body to give instant protection. However, the level antitoxin starts dropping after a period of five to ten years. Booster shots are therefore required to enhance immunity against tetanus.

Can taking an extra dose of tetanus shot be harmful?

No. It’s generally okay to receive an extra booster of the tetanus vaccine. Especially, if you don’t remember when was the last time you took your last booster dose. It just ensures that you are continued to be protected.

For the record and only for the record.

People who have received this vaccine – how many got cancer? It could be a lengthy research.

I believe that certain vaccines will do more when combined for certain chronic deadly illnesses known to men. 

Vaccines for our Nervous System and one acting as a blocking agent for bloodstreams. Together some of their ingredients may be of benefits for certain malignancies possibly not all of them. Having discovered that certain fibers tissue do contain a nuclei it may be of benefit to the rest of the tissues to attack the center core of the aggressive cells. 

On the other hand mixing it all with chemo can give us adverse reactions. Tests will be needed for a future preventive vaccine to be made available as recommended method for the generation following certain cancers and not all of them. Hopefully, children chronic illnesses will be something of the past which would be my main objective in this research.

When certain animal species affected by cancers (several) can see at least a "Zone Neutre" to remain thereafter at least 21 years or 3 complete blood cycles it is considered DONE. The world is suffering and dying – we are aware of it and by the way, it can happen within the personnel of IBM-TES since illnesses have no discrimination or prejudice to work on. They just happen and grow.

Because I am confident that most doctors have filled in their report I believe retrieval of all answers on this objectives will more readily available than what Research relied during previous years.

Thank you for your patience. Like the Queen of England: I would like to thank my personnel for their patience.