The Jetsons a Myth or Reality by IBM Tech Eng.


  • Powered and protected (anti-collision) with Magnetism Opposites do NOT attract.
  • Attraction/repulsion relation between positive and negative charges
  • Flowing, when placed next to each other, may attract or repel like two magnets.
  • Radar
  • Will Follow Below Levels of Actual Transport Aviation Regulations Radar for Commercial use 
  • Available Jets are: 1 seater and 2 seaters 
  • Running on quasi the same principles as an helicopter.
  • Distance – elevation and speed under evaluation.
  • Cost is yet to be determined.

IBM Tech Eng always ahead of the next two generations.

  • Bombardier has a great reputation for wagons such as a metro or subway transport.
  • Canadair is an excellent source that could combine efforts with Bombardier.
  • Instead they built drones – I am a little annoyed at it all. 

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