The Power of Thought England + Territories Canada New England by Adriana CEO IBM-TES



The Power of Positive Thought vs The Power of Thought General

Positive Thought: I am undergoing certain treatments or going into certain motions to better my life. I say: because I have done this and will repeat it tomorrow – my life is better and will stay better as long as I address the issues as they present themselves.

Nothing like Optimistic Thoughts – One day the world will change. 


Power of Thought – I will be able to pay my bills by voice command. I will be able to travel by voice command.

Unfortunately not that this method is no good it is no acceptable in the Court Rooms of the World.

Adriana, CEO of IBM will never put any roadblocks in front of progress – yet, there is a price to pay for all Financial Institutions of England + Territories including Canada + New England. These said Financial Institutions must remember that they cannot collect the said amounts when paid by voice or a blink of an eye even if the clientele was there captured on video.  By all means do it.

When every individual will have a trail of I.D. with just any I.D. that can travel with them all over the world we, at IBM, will have more material and facts to work on and evolve without letting our merchants be the ones who will have to take the risks. They already pay for Credits Cards to be there for modes of payment. Every purchase, the merchant pays. Before the merchant didn't accept certain amounts like below $10. After a while I was surprised when my daughter paid with her credit card – $1.25 – I almost floored. We were at McDonalds and at Tim Hortons. Such a small amount. I want answers now.  The Financial Institutions have to give me summaries of this conduct.  When I get that said information, other methods will be used in a near future. We need to collect the risks vs the pros. 

Many iDevices out there. We are all aware of them. They all have their software and their programs. I look at the surface of a iPhone or iPod or iPad – we are visual. IBM entry is different. It accommodates 2 methods – type in and visual touch – both have a lock on the outside of the iDevice. 

What happens when on lock. More security. Your voice is warped. If someone wants to contact you via your thought – whatever that sound is will change for the recipient. TBA

Speakers when on will make your thought and voice change. When asked – I don't know it must be the speaker on my iPhone. Which it is. He is your external drive. We have Wi-Fi wireless cells and speakers.

All this information goes into cells microchipped for your own growing Drones – as you go and at one point in your life or mileage of time – drones get ongoing data to add to existent data. Never replacing it. 

Some will worry but not at IBM – Neurology may need it. Pshychiatry may never believe that they may want to consult this system but at IBM it may be necessary.

The strangest people do exist and that makes CEO more intelligent. Someone who loses consciousness may not even have a functional brain movement but yet a thought is being heard – who's is it? Some joker someone who wants him sleeping forever. Someone who overtakes the brain function or him/her the person in front of you?

The thoughts that come to my own brain are ridiculously stupid. Wondering if they will be protected from all this intrusion. The answer is NO. Get others to do it for you. We have our own serial numbers and you'll have yours. Which one will rise to the occasion, why yours not ours. At this point, CEO hasn't seen any technology on the market. Nothing. She looked at her iPad Mini and there is a little hole. After many years she goes to a store and asks if the iPad has certain accessibility and he says – it has the charger and the headphone hole. She said, I didn't see mine. He replied, they all have it – she wanted to tell him more. "I would never use a wire to put in this hole if it doesn't at least show that it's meant for that. So Thank you Apple because I will do a few holes just to prove to you what those unidentified holes can also mean." She left.

When going through customs of any kind , ground, air or waters – one I.D. sufficient. As long as it connected to an IBM system – more information will be gathered if not there. Everyone has a bank account? Get one or else you cannot leave the country or the Province. This is how it all started. Every zone is accountable for this census. Security onland, air and waters comes first. We are going to identify people nomads or migrates who may turn out to be residents of a near future. 

IBM-Security is being trained. Your name, your background and our money is not on your I.D. it's what you do first. What you want. first. No matter who you are there will be a penalty for you. A King or Queen down to Count and Countess and possibly Duke because usually they have a higher rank in the said Monarchy will go into exile not any exile – a very well known exile by Security and by AP. Just picture the penalties of people who do not abide by this simple mode of I.D. 

We have covered so far in a summary;

  1. Progress IBM will not set roadblocks.
  2. Financial Institues who prefer testing the waters of Sense Command at your discretion. IBM CEO knows that every cardholder is aware that by default of non-payment, the bank is responsible. As a consumer if this would happen without my consent or because I didn't understand the fine points of this method. I hold the bank responsible. Just check all the mumbo jumbo that comes with owning a credit card, per se, just for starters.

skullscience Power of Thought!

It can amaze you as well as destroy you and others.


Reflect before you use any iDevices – give everyone a hard time!

Don't mess with the iDevices when the conditions rules and regulations pass a few paragraphs of fine prints.