Tissues Reverse* Youth 0-5yrs of age Treatments Cancers Chronic Illnesses by CEO of IBM-TES


Update: September 6, 2019 – Technology is growing in developments for the curious mind. Slides of every microsecondgrowth turn into a human being, both gender. Tomorrow, we can tell what could happen before it happens for the sake of alterations to modification. Is this a real or surreal vision of our close to near future? Believing that since this can be done – so will the recovery of that double line on a journey of life in its completion. The perfect human being is not possible but close is more than real and it will happen.

Restore and recovery happens in the computer and it shall be so with us, humans on earth or terrestrials.



All that is needed to be added are the tissues as they transform.

Spongy, Mineral Porous, Tissues etc…


It is possible that Science has overlooked the Irish Proverb, find yourself in the eyes of your children, they are your future.

Eyes, Blood, Liver Renal have a few things going together. Stages of Hormone in Development.

Leukemia is or was one of the leaders of health deterioration misunderstood in its complexities. Leading causes of death, early death for young children.

Feotus to Embryo to Stages of Development.

Translate full developments of organs into a certain amount of time outside the Uterus. Time + Phase/Stage of developments

Incubation Gestation Human Creatures

IBM-TES is looking into Government Permissions to start taking blood for analysis and for retaining for their files and blood banks.

How much blood should a kid give?

Not to worry, it shall become a blend with same blood groups.

Whatever Groups are made available they can blend together to only take what is needed for the Young Patients with Youth in their Disorders Conditions Illnesses.

Youth has not yet gone into other forms of hormones. Reproduction Hormones are not in that maturity. It is in its growth outside the body.

IBM-TES Quests are numerous. Quests for Cycles.

Youth Blood can change ways Science has applied its information.

Who can give?

Every year, everyone has to go for blood analysis. Science will keep the best to immediately send to a blood bank where it shall be converted to whatever is needed stat, emergency, rush, right now.

Chemo with youth and Serums + Other Ingredients.

Dilution of their blood (blend) can also bring them to who can donate some of their marrow of that age.

Are we looking for problems? No. We are looking for answers.

CEO believes that certain stages and phases of life cannot be of crucial help or assistance to a system, young into new growth. Growth Hormones? We always have them youth to young adult into adult to then see a decrease.

Who can give in this test trial in order to answer certain vagueness in our quest? Youth. When they start losing their two front teeth, Science knows that another hormonal phase is starting while one is ending.

Minerals Hormones Chromosomes, youth in early and ending phases of their growth hormones can possibly give out more answers.

A few vials is all we need at IBM-TES. Per year.

We shall do the rest. Keep you all informed with every little rewarding result.

You want to feel that you contributed to someone’s life, you then want to see the result by living a little longer. What you can provide today for someone who can not live without a contribution you are providing to yourself should the need arise and should slow aging be on your mind in 50 years from now, the Surgeon said to the young kid.

Rewards? Of course. Every child will get rewarded.

BB8 will grow with you, Free. I only need your blood, a few vials from birth to 5 years of age.

Thank you for reading and for Science Labs BioChemistry – January 15, 2018 Les VACANCES sont terminées time to get jerked around in neurotic seizures.

If this has already been done by Scientology, good for them. IBM-TES is still in those dunes and caves waiting for that little glitter of light.

If you get stuck, buy all this information from Scientology. Years ago, doctors hesitated in taking young blood for whatever reason that even if Itell anyone, they shall sound like pre-dark-ages cavemen.

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