To Be or Not To Be vs To Write or Not To Write Netflix or Not by LANG

My first impression of a writer such as Agatha Christie. I never asked who she was. I asked myself what she was all about. 

Knowing her work is not my passion. What brought on this curiosity was how she hooked readers and Scriptwriters with that retaining presence. 

I went about my life reading and listening to radio only once in a while, my marriage, brought me to watch TV while I was knitting and/or doing some embroidery.

After my husband left I really stopped watching TV since I even had a hard time with our VCR. I still have a challenging time with a remote control. 

Programs are out there.

Netflix is in Canada

I would say it is high time Canadians either purchase videos of episodes of the past and play that mind game – how I would have written it after I saw what I saw, the end and the middle of this story.

Agatha Christie must have started like me. The news. Orbituaries. Crime Scenes. Unsolved Crime Scenes. Remarkably well-done since lots of writers know of her today. She existed. 

Apparently I am a feminist and maybe for some a lesbian. I was blessed with a gift. I saw and heard of women of the past who wrote stories that actually will see the light one day and very soon such as Mary Shelley (whose family name is forever forgotten but Mary I remembered)  of Frankenstein and I compare her storylines to Agatha and Margaret Mitchell famous Gone with the Wind. Apparently this same woman Margaret Mitchell wrote a few more scripts that never saw this popular acclamation. True or not. I was curious to know back then. Apparently, it was all tied gathered together by ribbons. Handwritten. She walked from place to place trying to sell her manuscripts. I was told that a possibility of 2 other either modified or have never seen the Producers and Directors of Hollywood. This woman died in plane crash. Back then, it seemed to be the natural occurrence of many high profile writers and entertainment businesses as well as people in aviation / engineering / science. 

These tragedies were aimed pilot faults by default alcohol or faulty manoeuvres while flying in bad weathers are the culprits. La Bamba drugs and alcohol. The questions remained. Were they given all this, prior flight departures.

We have many tragedies around aviation and known people. Today, going all ectronics is just like the experience I just had with my new credit card. Easy Swipe by Scanner with $19.95 per month for my peace of mind insurance covering all the legalities permitted by the card issuer. Who, by the way, have a warrant issued today for their arrest. Settlement between 2 to 5 million US$ before October 3, 2017 ends. Many reminded me that they PC Plus Credit Card will not pay. I reminded those many naggy-niggaz thoughts to rest assured that someone will make a move later and you shall take care of them pour paiments fautifs. Settling out of court would have been preferred when that day shows up. Procrastination? They're not any better many naggy niggas said. Don't be like them – leave for at least 2 weeks see what happens. No. OKAY means you heard my request and not my order. 

What does it take to make a new writer? I will have to say that I got so disorganised because I let go of a few things believing that I was raising my family. My kids learned the basics before the age of complete 2 – a little while before 3 years of age. My house was clean. Organised. Tragedy hits. I reach out to so many people. Today, I still hear of charity and it bothers me. No. I want to give back what many gave to me. Okay? Great. That is finally understood.

Buying or renting videos of episodes I may like to write on is possibly what any serious publisher would like from a writer. How would someone do a spin-off out of the 60-70-80-90 Those years were interesting and sometimes mysterious and magical. Every program saw a boom. Many watchers. Even people who did not like the episodes or programs kept staying there in tune. Why are you watching? I would say, commercials brought them hoping channel to channel. 

IBM-TES with Bell Canada Media are making sure to stay SpockConnected without disturbing your enjoyment of television watching. No commercials. But, what if you miss one of these commercials how much will this enjoyment cost. To avoid all these $$$ financial disappointments the same CEO is making sure everyone enjoys TV. Sponsors and viewers. TBA.

BING is our Universe of LANG. BING also has his library.

Many shelves turn into a house of libraries.

RxDx and BB8* with other iDevices + HardWares today also called Programmer Box from Bell Canada will enhance entertainment with a easier use. 

Getting organised for each TV program is easy. 

Rent or buy videos of unedited (or close to) 

Watch it. Question: Does it bore you? Then that program is not for you.

Question: Did you capture just a few scenes of interest. Write it down only as you saw it but if you bought the video – write down on label. Location of Memos. Put away in new library. File Location of Memos. Date. 

What may have been found only in a few scenes may be added to another video without even a remote resemblance in genre or storyline. Episodes are short. In somma, they were short stories. I heard Stephen King telling his audience that he started with short stories. Why not give it a try. 

Who is the mystery?

You, the writer becomes the Mystery Writer.

I know, I have done it in the past.

Note: * When ideas get together a brand new story of the era starts*

Sherlock Holmes Watson: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Every era will see a brand new story even the one that has just started. Ideas get together with déjà-vu. A brand new story is born, in this era. Elementary. It will bring on a wider scope in other eras to come. Elementary Watson."

I took a line from Sherlock Holmes and brought in Agatha Christie full of that future mystery.