Today’s Future in R3D3-Phonia Cubic Transmission IBM Tech Eng by Adriana

Preview of what is a Sound Card and adjustments with its modifications of what it will become.

SoundCard   ButtonsPush

Setting Knobs Push-In Control for Recording


Graphic Card/Motherboard

MotherboardGraphics   ButtonsPush

– Every Graphic Card will have its own setting with its own knob – The larger knob will be connected when needed for whatever reason capturing the whole 5 graphics and recordings.

– Every Graphic Card Separated from each other. Insulated Connectors between to work in part or when needed as a whole. It will accommodate 5 Graphic Cards for 5 screens. One Graphic Card Per Screen or 5 Graphic Cards per screen depending on Copy/Recorded for View/Sound.


Flash Visual Card

SONY DSC  ButtonsPush

External Setting Knobs / Push in Control for Recording.

IBM Tech Eng is working on internal cards with external setting knobs. Downloads of software (complimentary) will be minimized since all components with transmitters belong solely to IBM Tech Eng. There will be no interference with other users or brands of Computers.

Yet, IBM Tech Eng will give out the possibility to download anything the buyer wants with a Freedom key and a different motherboard to Insert – at a reasonable price – more affordable than its version (IBM) )Do not Copy – No Virus – No Trojan – No Follow – Do Not Track – (Follow W/Choices)

FreedomKey Computer Choices of Models FreedomKey R2D2

FreedomKeyCell Emplacement Memory Enhancer Freedom Key Cell R2D2


lab8            IBMCamera

IBM Divisional Ball without Phonia No Virus (Do not copy casing only interior components)

Divisional Ball will have a centrifuge connection insulator for static and trebles higher octaves/bassiophonia

Symbols to Regulate Pitches within Ranges. (Classified Urgent – No Copy – No Virus – No Trojan)

R2D2 Future – R3D3-Phonia Cubic

Chrismas 1989 Adriana