TriMotion Files by Colour Cell Division Export-Import by CEO IBM-TES

NEW ! MEMORABLE CLEAR – is it Baby or is it Memorable?Features: Large Digital Screen for all the uploads from Baby Monitor or Even plain Surveillance. Large Storage. Edit and even Photoshop. MP included with large screen and much more… Photo Album for prints 1 per purchase. 

TBA more to come. May 28, 2020




Word from Desk of CEO of IBM-TES

The FutureNow is all about security and entertaining.

Being prepared with the support of our servers is possibly a good beginning of measures to promote awareness alert and behaviour before it happens.

Being a Century Ahead of our grand-children is my motto.

IBM for Life Security

Software Included


Video Photo Edit

Export Import Objects People Background

Time Stamp with TriMotion

Cell Division for easy Export Imports

AutoSend by MacroKeys

Software Program AutoSchedule TriMotion

Every Key is programmable to in Reverse Modes

Keys for Accounting and MacroKeys

Include: ColourIBM-Conversions-Export-Import

Insert: Video MP3 Photos/Images Files by Colour for EasyEdit

MacroKeys ex: Location. Individual Name. Event.

Time Stamped is included in TriMotion

.Surveillance and Journalist in Mind.

Only load files with preferred photos.

Only send and import preferred objects characters background Security

4 Corners Security Caption MacroKeys Formatted

All Export Import Storage Macro4Corners

Server Security Macro4Corners


Exclusive to Apple iDevices Compatibles

Only certain Samsung Models Compatibles

Canon and Nike Models Compatibles

Sony Kodak Colours Compatible

Enjoyable features with Surveillance and Journalism in Mind.

Preferred by Neurologists and Orthopedists

TriMotion Pro-Line

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