TriMotion Traction Command by CEO IBM-TES

Grooves Ejection Retract Reversibles

Objectives: Finding the right Fusion of Material for Extra Edge

Extra Grip on FourSeasons

  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks*
  • Cars
  • Vehicle*

How doe sit work?

Got those tires – Steering Wheel Command 

Lock-On Out

Lock-On In

Wheel on Slow Motion – Studs Out

Wheel on Slow Motion – Studs In

Materials hopefully made of recycled:

Tires/Glass/Plastic/Pellets Rocks/Plastic FiberGlass

Combinations for various traction needs


Our New Line TriMotion Pro-Line

Cars going Wi-Fi to the Tires into your Hand Controls Dashboard

N.B. CEO is negotiating with a few Foreign Investors

GM-Chrysler-Ford-Pontiac Canada New England

CEO tired of waiting for Boeing Canadair to ask for Special Wheels so she will just sell it to them.




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