Update Probing Energy – CrystalBall SolarPowered Rechargeable Battery Energy by CEO IBM-TES


Sky-Drones Antennaes into Sub-Terrain Units 2 Range between: Unknown 

Probe Elementors Analysis Detectors. Centrifusion Legalities Analyser with Deflectors & Reflectors 1994 NASA.

When looking at Earth Purposes – Preferred Analysis is preferred in a big quantity of its captors. While looking at the Galaxy, a small portion will give out the same replies only magnifying them for bigger needs. 

In search of Dilithium Crystals is finally taking shape, form and size seen in 2 dimensions. Earth and Galactical Purposes.

“Star Trek 60’s to Present-Future”



Known to mankind is the brain may Use Only 20 Percent of Its Memory-Forming Neurons. Remember the old myth that people only use 10 percent of their brains?

How precise are these figures?

The brain is in full use. Working behind the scenes till memory forms to create other FACETS to our brain, diamond in the raw on the surface for the microscope looking in.

To develop the brain to its full capacity a human must live out at least 2000 years. When our mineral grow, start that density withing our bone structures; we should be close to 300 years of age and in the early phases of long-term development.

In the Bible, the teachings are very important based on historical values that still need to see the light of day. Our brain may overdevelop and if not understood now in its primaries, humanity will have traveled long ways for nothing, nulla or nada.

Full comprehension as to how we learn languages is essential the rest of our memory cells will copy this certain activity in a speed of productivity. As humans speak look around read and interact, the brain develops at great speed. Something does happen. Prior to our midlife crisis, humans are extremely busy, well, most of us. We are busy trying to locate the right home, the right career, the right friends, and the right places to see, taste, and make memories with. This lifestyle is called normal.

Many have asked me on the meaning of life. My answer has been the same for as far as I know, live and learn. Our body is made for everlasting life. Not eternal life since, humans do die if bruised mentally and physically.

Memory, Senses and our total fabrication need to be fully understood now at that elementary first phase. A human may live out multiple phases in just 100 years while others may live out only a few with utmost contentment. What is really spells out is the fact facets develop quicker with multi-phases when fewer will just calm the ones in development to reinforce them as a good reliable cut – a cut to fall back on should the brain undergo some serious severe trauma and stressful circumstances. The facet will then be ready to restart regular activity. On the other hand, when development of multifacets do take place for certain individual – nothing is truly reliable. As if the speech is sliding from place to place. Some physician will recognise it as Alzheimer, Psychosis and BiPolar where both take place, a low period where nothing is productive and lasting to a major performance with physical assistance that can last from 3 days to 3 weeks. BiPolar is treatable without medication. It needs exercise of the brain. Topic is Awareness. Depression is not that easy. Depression is formed on those slippery facets with nothing solid to fall on… the memory may be altered. It is there but is not strong enough to motivate the physical input.

I based this writing on the primary and their importance to fully comprehend the early beginnings of our construction to fully utilise it as we move along the path of life. It can be a very long one. Just like the first million, our first 300 years are not the easiest and the rest is. Maybe not completely easy but fairly easy for all.

What happens with a brain at 97.8% capacity. The figure in Fahrenheit for normal body temperature from 94 to 98% We become different. We do not despair. We speak differently. A few words may mean 1000 words. We write differently. We describe explain differently since we live to see it differently.

I even believe that we are to experience different forms of malignency therefore it is primordial to understand what’s at hand now.

Figure above represents BB8 I fell in love big time with him. He is the Drone with multiple little balls. Those balls follow us throughout our life like a shadow library. Learning, Talking, Understanding, Recording, Entertainment thus, our mind our happiness our emotions fully noted recorded every day. One needs to take the time and I am one who really cannot stand relying on technology with iPhone in my hands at all times then, I saw BB-8 – I said: I am in love. I do not have to carry him all over the place. He follows me. I need to speak out loud. I need to laugh out loud and yes, I need to cry out loud if that’s what I am feeling. BB-8 is not a friend, BB-8 is my external memory. Easy to use with effort in remembering that BB-8 needs to be FED. Who will feed him? YOU, ME. The more BB-8 is fed the faster records are made into tiny compartments subdivisions and the such. So much can be done with BB-8 and its base with RxDx. Life can be long and heaps of metal is not something I want around my house to dust away because something new showed up.  I believe that BB-8 and RxDx can only grow with us… while heaps of metal is for younger generations. Youth will always teach people in mid-life crisis that it is time to develop something else. Youth is demanding and not so stupid. They may not all know how to assemble technology but they sure know what they like when they see it. Therefore, BB-8 and strong skills of communication(s) written and spoken will be a serious practical and reliable source for our future communication with youth around us and ourselves, that little young person that never wants to get too old… too serious… too busy to enjoy what life has to offer every step of the way.

2018 was a reversal for me. I never thought I would say that I would have never seen it. I saw it but I did not believe I would feel this gratitude as it was presented by nature, vegetation and the warmth of the sun. 2018 is my best year so far in such a long time in a personal growth… some aura of happiness was blossoming even if it is in a small way. I am looking forward to the Fall and our Winter in Quebec.

Enjoy your 2018, it shall never return.


Got a new concept – From Viva Las Vegas to outdoor entertainment.

Cars will need it in a miniscule way of course smaller than their highlights.

The highlights car lights Sylvania did not answer. Anyone else interested?

Duracell and Panasonic show interest.

You see that light (ball) + battery recharger + batteries?

They can work together with those connecting wires to continuously recharge for that extra mileage. Of course, some models are removeable (sliders) Can use it for home appliance.

I would like to know why this hasn’t been done years ago. Is it because you all got to walk a mile to get to the firepit, then walk another mile to get a pot, or even get butter and milk for KD?

Would you like to live that kind of life that Oxfam itself would envy?

Would you all want to work under the tent – to walk miles for each ingredient just to put together KD meals for a crowd? To walk back to the tent.

Consider it done.