Updates on Artificial Intelligence Ranks by Levels Personal and Industrial USES by IBM CEO


The Grid of our senses into the brain what will it bring more to our imagination, our senses when all is computed with easy retrieval?

Is the CEO piercing through the unknown unsaid unprotected facets of many far away stars reproduced as brain cells untouched but felt as a threat to the core of the human brain travelling to other organs? 

Green above means – it is not yet seen 

Red would be a red flag of taking more caution on how it is introduced to your patients.

All data entry is deriving from studies (textbooks) + practice of 30 years with thousands of patients – how all behaviours are beginning to stand-out being so unreal so futuristic when, they are not. 

Had this been seen in some OuterLimits, TwilightZones or Star Trek seen on our television screen circa 1968 it would be the most logical trendy behaviour of 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. 

Today, January 12, 2020 would be time to start adding to this Formula of a Neuro-Analyst in a R2D2 with Screen and Remote Control. 


Conversation exchange into data entry via recordings.

Real humans execute the data entries

Real humans now interact with the novelties. 

Real conversations are taking place now. 

Real Psychiatrists are reaching out for mental exercise with or without a patient. 

What it will not do – pretend that it can take the place of a real human psychiatrist.  He is the only one who can take the recordings, one day, add the data to suit his own style. 

This topic will see dimensions of pure conversationalists driven to make more sense out of it. The challenge is enormous – turning mechanics dynamics and logistics to serve humanity without losing ourselves in the grinder. 

Almost 4 years ago, Artificial Intelligence woke up to a new dawn. Today, A.I. will start with its capabilities by Ranks and Levels

After listening to Bill Gates and various subjects on Artificial Intelligence dated a few weeks ago, March 2019. I am believing that the timing to rank artificial intelligence by levels of control command has arrived.

Headlines of 2019 – Will A.I. replace all the jobs, most of them or some of them.

Answer: Ranks and Levels of Control Command has not been formulated yet with or without ethics in view. 

At one time, the mobile was a telephone called intelligent. So be it. There was question to how many surgeries go bad in North America – 10 million believing that 50% could be avoided. That’s alarming. Can Artificial Intelligence change all this. 

NO. How Artificial Intelligence develops is just as great or simply as good as the naked eye even, by cheating with EyeMicroscope Texas Instruments, as seen by the surgeons. As the surgeons perform their operations with the required techniques that new Rover A.I. will copy exactly every manoeuvre. Therefore, the surgeons screws up so will Rover the A.I. Someone has to program this A.I. So far, no dark or white angel dropped from some sky from who knows what planet arrived to change this theory. 

IBM is not the only brand that will start ranking the levels of beginners or level I. II. III etc… in order to control-command this said A.I. in Sophie Alexa Cortana in the software format.

What can the software do?

The software is in the control command and it can do exactly what a user can do. It takes the patience to develop it. At times, I noticed that Amazon is looking for developers and I know that users are the developers of the near future. What I would prefer seeing more of is the developer of a said program who becomes a website builder and sells his program to: Wix WP Blogger just to name 3. Website Builder & Developer is more aware of internal system conflicts than the ordinary big tycoon of any given big international brand.

IBM will start with the telephone. Add other hardware. Inserts Mobile Segments and so much more in all kinds of elements. Metals, Gems, Crystal with Shapes Forms Depths etc… Sound Cards, Graphic Cards etc… the levels and performance.

NOW we are seeing A.I. perform since it is embedded with the system of Mobile Segment Intelligence. There are no devices operating without Intelligence.

How will IBM overcome these fears seen by so many? I believe their instruction booklets and their little HOW to USE the devices will quite enough for anyone to realize that ethics start with the users and not with the devices.

And, that stupid remark from some and not many – technology is mostly in the hands of people with money. I say, do you mean with debts? Many countries, still today, believe that North America has so much money and they have all the iDevices because they are richer. NO. They more debts. North America is in the red since the first World War. What has been rolling along are numbers at the bank. Anyways, that is all about financial and this is not. NOT that I am totally in the dark when it comes to Economy of Canada or/and U.S.A. Trillions in debt and still the President talks about spending billions a day on whatever and our PM is hardly doing anything.

Nintendo HandMachine thrown – Video VHS thrown – Modem of the past era – thrown. People without got nothing. I wanted to let many country leaders that in order to understand the future – play with the wheel. The wheel still exists. We all know that transport communities industries still use it. Nintendo 1990 hand monitor thrown and kids in some unknown parts of the country get to see that we are rich.

10 of Spades is coming around. Fed up of hearing about poverty when North America does not have rich thoughts. Start where we started. The best place to be is to start where parents started. Today, we are so advanced and inundaded by programs over programs without tutoring. It’s not even worth the mention but I have said it before and will say it again – some people in development – if you see yourself at IBM when you heard – Fired… please leave. Go to Apple and others. IBM staff have done that over 35 years ago and so should you all do the same. The trash I have seen after some great introduction by Google and possibly even Apple copied by many only in the worse parts of it. You are fired and others will take you in just for the malpractice in experience. OUT.

Ranking also goes with Robots such as the new R2D2 and its helpers BB8 Drones. SeaDrones, RoverDrones, AirDrones etc.. TBA will be ranked. Cleaning seabeds could become LEVEL III because of its mechanical functions and intelligent manoeuvres with ability to navigate guided by GPS. At this point, it takes a few months since all is seen with the MagicEyes Medusas. All co-ordinates will be entered. It has to start somewhere.

Air Drones could become Level III since it can pick up products cases or containers and drop them somewhere else with less than 3 commands. Pick Up down, Lift Transport, Drop-Down Levels that becomes 3 commands thus Level III very well done.

Medical Industry – IN THE WORKS

Soon, more Computer Companies will reveal the levels of their Artificial Intelligence. Doctors are needed to enter data – and only, when these doctors are satisfied with the supervised performance can IBM rank with levels whatever instrument is needed to perform the said procedures. TBA



September 21, 2019. IBM Tech Eng ~ Science Fascinated by Artificial Intelligence says Adriana CEO

Objective: Normalise or regress or forward what defines: loss or void of Enzymes, Hormones, Chromosomes and Neuro-Transmitters.

Expectations: Rejuvenation, Gain of Balance of Enzymes, Hormones and Regularise their functions in an accommodating speed preventing thus its overproduction. 


Artificial Intelligence hit a ceiling. Sort of or maybe it just skimmed a surface.


Radar Detector is on the verge of an Explosive Convergence of Mind Over Matter

What can IBM Tech Eng ~ Science do Tomorrow?

Let’s take a long look at recent and past studies on Syndromes and Mental Dysfunctions and Disorders. Technology is take a fresh look at what it will do to:

  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism (far cousin of Down Sydrom or Mongolism)
  • Other Syndromes connected to loss/empty of Coordination Connectors.
  • More

Past studies and observation have demonstrated loss or void of Enzymes, Hormones, Chromosomes and Neuro Transmitters.

Adriana, CEO of IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is stressing the point: Syndromes and Heart Deficiencies and much more – how to define and how to regress and incorporate the right Chromosomes, Hormones and Neuro-Transmitters.

What to expect next in Science only Adriana CEO can tell and time is of ESSENCE.

Chrismas 1989 PrinceAndrew

Who knows love can grow since he is the King to be. Adriana only wants the best or maybe a good sex session. Whichever comes first me or Putana:

Vladimir  DrEvil

What will Vla’s wife say about the 2 of us. Better keep this a secret. Geez, nothing worse than a jealous woman. Better at finding the Bitch is Back than the FBI.

I am so HAPPY to inform all PERSONNEL.


Yes, more work coming your way. It’s a dead wish to let Apple do this at a fraction of the way and at 500% more cost – Pay from your own pocket and make it stick.