Users vs Producers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

It is not an easy subject to approach since most of us do not see it the same way.

When someone asks Technology for certain specs – that person is asking the unusual and the never been done. Engineer will get the contract. He can only cater to your specs when there is a payment at the end of the line.

If you don't truly understand the above, please stop reading – this is for my departments and à titre d'information only.

The moment I can, I would like to get briefed on the requests on IBM and what they have provided for these requests – also – how it was used and their results.

Failure to do so – please be advised that this is YOUR FIRST WRITTEN NOTICE. Therefore, no measures have taken place. There is no IF. Only what you will do to remedy to this situation should I find it poorly conducted.

Consumers have no clue at times what they really need vs what they want. We, IBM, do not cater to guessing specs. 

We provide the bases of the operations with all the accessibilities. We do not preach or suggest the programs and softwares they need but we can provide a pamphlet the moment we have it gathered together of what 75% of consumers use. No more and no less.

We provide a FreedomKey for the affordable versions. That means the basic + allotment and allocations as well the Freedom-to-roam-download anything the consumer wants. It is more affordable than iPhone or iDevices made by Apple. Why? Since technology has been circulating for at least 20 yrs most technicalities (parts) cost less to assemble and/or purchase from other manufacturers. The demand was there 20 yrs and it shall be there tomorrow. People rely on quality but they get bored since Apple sold his same iPhones for the last 15 yrs without change of appearance people are easily led to believe that the next iPhone is the model to have – it does a little more. The battery is in deplorable state as well as Samsung.

IBM doesn't want to tell you that it could never become erroneous in their quality of manufacturing but it can tell you that it does happen manufacturer defects – they won't be sold until they are understood. Should a consumer not find satisfaction for whatever reason – return the said iDevice and it shall be replaced with any other device of his choice. No questions asked. The iDevice returned must be as is. Do not erase anything. After all, you are aware that you have the security system given to all consumers of the said iDevice. No secret there. If your iDevice is erased of all information – there is no replacement. We are not going to break our heads because you lack P.R. (social business grace)

Furthermore it is understood that IBM vs consumers there is reason to believe that all measures will be taken to see our consumers complete satisfaction – as to what the said iDevice will do for you. Brief. 

When it comes to neurology and the likes. It is fabricated to your specs, not ours.

Ours, the CEO is not there. She has a very busy schedule and she is quite often indisposed.

The moment she can – she will look at all the specs given to IBM and would love to see the usage and the results achieved because IBM did it the way they asked. BTW, there is no refund or replace for specs. You asked for it, we listened and we delivered. IBM we deliver and expect full satisfaction but not on your specs even if quality is there. Those specs are customised by you and fabricated through developments for you. 

NOREFUND-NOREPLACEMENTS. No further attachments unless you foresee something and you say – please make sure that there could be attachments one day. (most won't) It's not up to CEO to suggest this. We are living the end of 2016. Please act accordingly dear consumers.


Professionals we usually cater to their specs.

IBM will never dare even suggest and if you want suggestions – there will be a little pamphlet for you just to see what others may have put in and while you read it – you can give others specs to IBM. IBM won't put any words in your mind or on your tongue. You use it. You are the professional. You know what you want. NOT IBM. That method was there over 30 yrs ago. It was new for the professional and for IBM it wasn't. Keep the eras separately. Thank you.

I am anticipating a good review from all the professionals IBM had the pleasure to serve.

Thank you.nuclearnucleuselectrons skullscience Chimp

Attention: Research Tracking Tracing Scan Dept. 

Please make sure that all specimen are accounted for. I would like them to read the thoughts of Down Syndromes and the likes. They are so valuable these readers in thought only.

kubo Thank you Mr. Kennedy and Clan of Twats.

Without specimen like those – IBM would NEVER progress. 

When possible, please stand up and thank them when you all realise that you are indeed a fucking idiot. Say: I just realised what a fucking idiot I am and I was for so long. I feel so stupid. Then write down what made you say that. You may get a promotion if this repeats itself. To admit that you were so fucking stupid is one thing. To admist what a fucking idiot you were and are is better it is an improvement in Science – it means you'll do something about it. While others not in science – will just automatically find another pair of underwears and another vagina or penis to accommodate those two sockets, brain and testicles and vagina.