Vaccinations into Drinkable AminoAcids Water by IBM-TES Adriana CEO

Objectives: Dilution and Purges of Active Radicals Agents of any Denominator

Possible PRESENTATION of Products




Above illustrations are:

Ampoule/Vial – Elixir Bottle – PowderMixture

When we were born most of us had this luxury or not of getting free vaccination against whatever virus or germ or whatever it can be called.

Years have gone by and I never heard of a continuation on this study vis-à-vis a solution drinkable that could contain an alternative vaccination orally taken other than a certain one which I cannot remember the name of it.

Because I am talking to Research Center of IBM Responsible for Pharmaceutical Technology and more – I know that it would be a matter of seconds for them to come up with this form of oral vaccination and its combative reasoning.

Please take out all notes of every vaccination and whatever you find necessary to take out and revise. 

I would like Purges and Dilutions of many germs, bacterias* and virus. 

Bacterias* many of them. Many that turn bad. 

Attraction elements on dilution to neutralise immobilise pause to restart is that neato or what – it can be done. Variety of bacterias for digestions only. Variety of bacterias for hormonals only. Variety of bacterias for other neuro reasons chromosomes included. 

How to detect difference. If gut bacteria affects neuro such syphillis would then it is similar or alternative bacteria functions for hormonal not necessarily the replacement. It just he has more, the gut, than the hormonals. what is priomordial here? Which bacterias can function when in multiples to affect good and bad to certain areas organisms of human bodies.

Are we going back to school, elementary, Dr. S. Holmes said someone. We tend to go further in our studies that we forget the fundamentals becoming very insignificant in our continued education. N'est-ce pas Dr. S. Holmes?

When people don't want you to do anything make sure armed forces Special Forces E.Ct.Aaa. Division – America Africa Asia continents. Australia is on quarantine.

Viruses cannot be removed completely but they can be diluted along other bacterias. 

I want it to be slow release and very active like right now ingredients. The taste doesn't matter at this moment.

I want it either in a concentration form to then drink prior the concentrated formula and after the taken the product.

It shall dilute.

I would like to give you some time to get the right personnel to work on this objective asap. 

I am not the person who is going to do it. I won't tell you what to do. I won't do anything and say anything for myself and for anyone on this planet. The Network inside my brain taking possession of every nerve and more of my being don't want. They are told to tell me that. They don't want me to talk to anyone – they don't want anyone to give me anything either.

My personal conclusion of the said viruses, germs and bacterias + others forms of radicals and agents invasion of our organism is that we can dilute and make sense of them. We can then redirect them to the digestive system to finally purge them.


July 18, 2017

First step is to perfect it with supervision. Second Step administration of this said solution is based on future conclusions found from Step ONE. Step 3 would be based on monetary and distribution exclusivities. Please REMEMBER, THEY don't want it. They don't want me to tell anyone. 

They have all the answers to all the questions. Let them live their lives. Some of them will die trying to live for all of us. (I don't and won't want it – people like them will be happy to accommodate their regime in a boomerang exemplary)

Dr. Bones of Star Trek had a small gadget in his hand redirecting certain organisms around. Implants in molecules bacterias may be closer than today. It could be done sooner better than later. I want it! It was on Star Trek and I know it can be done first à la Doidge then à la CEO of IBM-TES it can only get better.

I don't expect INSTANT PERFECTION. I just expect that gadget to take shape form for LIFE – need it for BB8 Clinical Household Educational. 

Educating our senses is developping them. Educating the uneducatable is possible du jamais vu. Certain organism never did function at full capacity therefore making ME believe that other organism can not work at their full capacity because of lack of magnetism.

Every 5 minutes as illustrated here – has allocation for a purpose.

Direction and Intensity (covering speed)

When implants of said tech molecule magnetism gets the magnetism from this said hand-circulation gadget it goes in the direction pre-setted in that bracket of 5. 

You can have variations of A. High Intensity A. Low Intensity A High circulate A. Low circulate B. Direction right (pause) B Direction Left (pause) 

You need to make a few of these with dial the hand-circulation gadget. Push In Turn Dial. 

Have you MicroChipped certain organisms that mimick body organisms for maniuplation direction of its circuit? Yes, great. I want it timestamped and on my desk brief document to tell me where to go find the whole document on the test. Make sure brief includes – the problem – the treatment and the results.

Please make sure to make various shapes and one with rotary sockets that look like 

Have a great day!


Chrismas 1989

What a great life it is when you have a hobby – work you like and a home while preparing some food that you took from your little garden.

Simple life is what I wish to IBM-TES Armed Forces of Canada – US and England.