Vegetables GreenHouse All Year-Round by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng


IBM Tech Eng ~ Solar Panels Greenhouses over existing stores.

Going hybrid is Adriana CEO ~ Orientation.

Objectives: Going Local Effortlessly – No Gas Emission

Most grocery stores know that vegetables and some fruits need to be watered and have an idea of the automatic water-system. Therefore, construction over their existing building would not be overtaxing with Machiavelli architectural designs.  There is no reason to believe that a Rocket Scientist is needed in order to eat certain vegetables year-round.

How about the cost of such a commodity? Calculating the cost of trade comprising of imports and exports = the bottom line is what the cost should reflect.. profit. If Metro Stores import over 40M$ of vegetables and has 20 stores, will they be more careful in selecting their imports. The answer is yes. They will know what they can sell and they will know what they may want to import (always taking into account of their clientèle)

Residential Farming on new balconies or over a high-rise? I’m not too into it but maybe I would consider a small one. I would see what I prefer and grow it. The cost is minimal but then again, it depends on your budget and on your taste.



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