Walkie-Talkie + More IBM Tech Eng Caution for Selfies Competitors by Adriana

walkie-talkie IBM-Walkie-Talkie (not as seen on this photo)


  • ShortWave Radio
  • Dual Switch for Satellite 
  • Cellular Telephone
  • iPod – MusicIStore
  • Camera + Video
  • Sound Volume
  • Media Stream
  • MemoryCell Battery USB Timer
  • Roaming
  • Platform protection
  • Freedom Key Accessibility 
  • Anti-Static (Study Case)
  • HighGloss Multi-Platforms (Study Case) 

IBM – Walkie-Talkie ForYou will be available sometime Christmas 2016

Price: Starts at $500. per unit with all features mentioned above.


India is the pioneer of Selfie Booths  – what’s really behind it all?

Who are the contributors – images, backgrounds and the fun of it all.


Chrismas 1989 a little pissed at this guy!  SteveJobs

Not sure if it’s all in fun but progress must go on.

Who really needs Selfie Booths ? Most people have cell phones and iPads but then again, progress is all about demands to supply – I’m all for it. Personnel of IBM Tech Eng will be joining in the fun as soon as they find out who the contributors are behind Selfie Booths in India.

It’s all about the reasoning around the logic says the CEO of IBM Tech Eng Adriana

April 30, 2015