What CEO Say? Reflex Intelligence Sooner than 2021 by CEO of IBM


Update on Remarkable Movements of Reflex Intelligence.

February 9, 2019

Follow up on February 2, 2019 – commentaries

and follow up on: Pneumonia Degenerative – Lung and Nasal Passages Wear IBM Tech Eng

StampDate results today February 9, 2019 – You must have some.

Artificial Brain Engine Dome Soon to receive an aid. Reflex Intelligence.

Voluntary to involuntary – either the eyes see it coming, the ears see it coming or the flesh feels it coming both are a gift stipulations of Defense Mechanism(s) Must be more than 1. We shall find them. Reinforce them. Demi-Gods we shall become without someone poking at us. It takes the perfect PatientX and Voluntary with Involuntary. The younger the better I believe our Defense Mechanisms have their own mind formulated that if Patient X doesn’t breathe properly, it won’t work.

Short and Sweet: Emotional Intelligence does have its part for various reasons such as

  1. Imbalance
  2. Bottled Up Sound Articulation
  3. Ability to Breath Inhale Exhale
  4. Recording States of Emotions
  5. Neurological Disorders Impediment – seen outside the norms
  6. Will not have the ability of guiding more than it needs to be for extreme cases.
  7. Artificial Brain Engine Dome

Reflex Intelligence Aid to Constitution and Stamina or Immune System 

I would like to start with one to one approaches.

Patient X meets with Doctor X

Understanding outer reflexes and combinations that it may curtail.

Understanding inner reflexes such as forming a rigid design in at least 3 parts of our anatomy.

Reflexes do vary but do happen to everyone – what varies is the place it starts and the place it ends.

Scanners Interpreters

Motorisation Reflex

Docile Approach (softer discipline for those who do not speak this English)

Using Trigger Response – recording the reply benefits youth started there to enter maturity

Index of (stamina) of Patient X – it is available with certain tests for the heart – stress test. Therefore, Patient X must be distressed to a point that Patient X performs his tasks and all his emotions as far as Patient X know are considered the norms of abilities and routines. Relying on others for answers is not what I am considering as the best approach. Patient X is unknown to me so are his surroundings.

The Dial Trigger Response is to see Patient X surroundings – that will happen to. Apart. One to One.

Charts for each individual and grouping it

I saw Alux and I considered it to be just another chit-chat non-sense about trying to get people in to then leave. I am looking for work and it does not offer me any revenue. I shall leave. Trying to find out who put Alux together is trying to find out who bought this hotels airlines transport to communication. Shareholders. (It’s not my turn)

IBM-TES has shares and shares do not act out before I see it. First off, they are not happy. Their shares are all bought from CEO.  I shall use my Vitoe.  The sound of the robot is so premature and primitive to my ears. Lots is missing in these robots. I saw a movie. I want to become a human – he ends up dying with mamzell. Both are dead. What did moral did you get out of that movie? There are comments and the box is below. Is men doomed now? Below Comment Box.

First off: Scanners and everyone was so enthuzed with just 1 for the whole 12 floors of the hospital.

Today: Every Instrument of any size is so in inaffordable that doctors (if emotion intelligence were used on them during O.R. that EI would be closed down) It is getting ridiculous I better now watch this doctor may want to kill the patient?

IBM-TES is to be equipped and I really want to re-enforce this one. We may lose lots of them. Who will destroy certain parts of the doctors’ brain – well, E.I. during a delicate intervention. Some thoughtful people are in a background talking away of what I may say trying to anticipate it all. To what end – no answer so far. What does it give them to be forever intruding and watch me stress out, tremble, cry, laugh – it will happen to them when E.I wants to get better at things. HEI. is good too. I do not give a fucking fuck. Many people feel their success after putting in the required efforts, patience, aggressiveness, smiles and laughter to sadness anger and tears. So why are they successful. Whoever has put together this need to experiment does have his PatientX try the successful ones first and the ones turning into successes. Don’t look at me… I have never reached those heights and those lows. “You are not an addict”

Addiction – success for you and success for them – inmeasurable (s) How equipped are you? Comments below please if you have the reflex stemming from your brain reactors into either speech text or digitally inclined.

Who is the Thinker? Keep a note for this one.

Leaving thoughts in command reflex reply – will make you a lazy person. Will suddenly bring out focuses never seen. I would rather keep it in groups as small or as big. These people rely on full auto-tasking. No problem with me. They volunteer. If they feel that they do not always want to volunteer there is the addict that became successful saw his levels in different compressions from low to highest and all around spiraling towards the top to the sides and to the bottom and to the sides becoming a total mess – can you fix this. I was thinking of reflex. Reflex are there as Patient X is born.

Thinker & Reflex – vs Thinker Relying Full Auto-Tasking (s) this dictionary is motivated by mono-task. Does not give out the auto-tasking in its plural form some people can say it but the dictionary cannot record it.  Last of my priorities – I know my English and they know theirs.

IBM-TES is into technology with a certain level of comprehension above some and possibly lower than some.

reflex is a rapid, involuntary response to a stimulus. A reflex arc is the pathway traveled by the nerve impulses during a reflex. Most reflexes are spinal reflexes with pathways that traverse only the spinal cord. … The sensory neuron transmits the impulse to the spinal cord.

involuntary response to a stimulus – textbook of 1940. 

So I step on your foot or something falls on your foot. Instant Defense Mechanism. So where is the instant defense mechanism for someone who is living a depressive state? Is it true emotions? Sensation yes, but since this arrived while Patient X was living out the norms – and then made Patient X angry – there must be a reason. I bloody left that shovel there I should have just brought it back on the balcony. I need to dish out $ with pain. What is that now? Guilt emotion involuntary response? I am going to do everything …. will be your first patients. I don’t want to empathize.

Find it.

The Thinker is an abstract of someone (and there are many in China India Arab World) Confusion sets in when trying to sort out the priorities. Anger sets in. Destruction follows all plans fall into pieces and shatter with such force that seems unreal. The Thinker stops. He decides to take on a position that is not to his customary. He tries to see nothing for a moment – he tries to see something right after. He believes that if he can see nothing for a while and then something does appear it becomes like some superstition. I have seen it at least 3 times what I really must do or must apply. He was able to perform this ritual in total silence. So I digress, you kind of know my meaning here.

This brings me to Emotional Intelligence. Find your targets with the most volatile and it will bring us to targets with the least volatile both exist. Get out of her and go to work. Let Musk Bezos use them – they are the other side of Science – Rollercoasters. Rapid movements. Skipping steps and not knowing who would be the perfect candidates. So many of them. Someone decided to calm down the world. They will be dealt with later.

Update: September 2, 2019 – Project: Incubator-Memory-Tablet for the Records.

Built-In Integrated Attachments Monitors with Tablet Mattress Memory Foams, Inflation Accesses. 

Doctors get to visit the home where baby is placed. Doctors get to evaluate almost to a precision of as we know it now, the real conditions as seen on the monitor with a critical eye on the infant. After evaluation, the baby returns to the hospital or the baby goes into the designated crib. Either way, the Data-Incubator returns to the hospital and other methods are now considered.

Births of tiny infants. Certain clothes are a necessity – Hanes is more affordable. Envelope from 5 lbs up where required and prescribed. Free for the hospital but not for the parents who by no choice need to clothe the infant. Affordable at the hospital x 6 in one package. This envelope can accommodate up to its double therefore up to 10 pounds. 

Hanes and McDonalds have something in common – funds are given for equipment for all hospitals. Should this method not be seen in any aspect or consideration for future developments at the nursery – so be it. Go for what is more convenient for your departments, Doctors. Diapers too, think pap-test – Luv’s Huggies Pampers – IBM may pay this ward a visit. Have your data on-hand, IBM is not interested in your hairdo or manicure.


Feb 2, 2019 on YouTube.com

Some of it is a little ridiculous while most of it is feasible.

The Brain and replacement. This video seems to suggest the entirety of the brain will be replaced.

I would believe that the transplant of a good chunk of the brain can start from the outside it will look like some turban is covering a lump on the head. This membrane growing is getting fed by your DNA liquids and fluids plus whatever ingredients in the composites of this gel-like-cellulose formation. It does not grow. What happens is more on the functions can this new membrane redistribute what is necessary for our continuous reproduction or generative cells and organisms of whatever size and dimension. Understanding the DNA how it works around the brain just like triggering that little ball in a pin-ball machine.

The maze  the perfect copy in a compact size of our brain, customized. What is not customized are the ingredients to create this membrane that may need all sorts of ridges – clear tubulars replicas of part of the brain.

Choosing which part? Possibly today, we can go a little faster than 50 years ago. What gets the most activity in the brain to hardly any activity so low that it can create a form of what we call depression when in fact it is functions in an emotional paralysis.

Our brain, our skull and our functions. Where does it begin. According to studies – how it begins to the last 3 months in gestation will open up a door. The next month may open up more doors while the last month it may be more on the dormant side of its development. These members who conducted a much needed research on gestation and its development follow through can answer a multiple of questions.

The shapes of the membrane I suggested tubular like the intestine. Such as this image below.


Some of you who were fortunate enough to open a skull or an abdomen – from a distance tubular formation to digest and tubular formation to conduct the functions and possibly to digest and to feed – does the brain possess the ability to ingest and to digest – yes. Not as we know it. All of these brain components are not to be discarded they will enter into the new membrane as capacitors. Something that lets go as we degenerate from many reasons. In their variables.

Dome Membrane DNA Tubular form will be injected with – DNA Supply Oxygen Blood and its own Blood into Platelets abilities. Can reject micro-organism that our brain today cannot. He takes on some of the liver functions. Filters and development as in regeneration.

Artificial Engine Dome Brain – paths for energy, neurons, functions, emotion derived and hormones just to name a few. If this is a dream – you don’t need to wait for 2050. Within 2 years of serious study and manipulation – you are further than you think. Circulation Energy Digestions functions primary.

Once the hole in the skull is healed this can be injected and removed for cleaning. All is tubular with sensitive inner and outer walls similar look as the intestine and the brain.


——— //  ———– // ——— // ———–

Pneumonia Degenerative – Lung and Nasal Passages Wear IBM Tech Eng

Objectives: Vary with Contact – Sound of Individuals you recognise from a long time ago. Larry King and William Shatner

What a voice can do to the listener. Have you stopped to listen the voices of people we all hear on TV or/and Radio? After so many years, recognisable but sort of pneumonia setting in. Can we establish a difference between pneumonia degenerative artificially by sound only. I would believe so. What is Artificial Degenerative – Fatal

I wrote it fast and brief believing that IBM would make some sense of this with viables technology/science/medication

Breathing – in and out. What you take in and what you bring out of your body.

Pneumonia understood – comprehensively

Finding the micro-bacteria-parasites degenerative would be our ideal objective and most people over 65 can become our luxury possessions.

I heard the voices of Larry King and William Shatner – all is still good until they breath out and start talking again.


Brain Scan from development of embryo is necessary to establish the genes/chromosomes/hormones and other crawling functions that connect to pituary gland.

Pituary gland must also be analysed and understood. It shrinks with age. We all know that. Many scientists realised it. Its growth alone will not give us the results or answers if the connections are not established in ratios.

IMGlungs kidcannulas

  • Both are operated with battery – tank mould-around-neck collar.
  • Oxygen + medication – recirculate will permit medication to arrest on location any:
  • Virus
  • Inflammation
  • Bacterias
  • Sinus with tumours
  • Tonsils infections
  • Sinus passages/nasal passages
  • Will permit recovery to any surfaces within the upper respiratory passages

IBM Tech Eng. has developed new methods to further our development into the best and optimal health care for at home affectations and for clinical and hospital use.

  • Flexible cylinders for easy glide inserts straight into the “bronches” entering the lungs.
  • Inserts from the neck down – 2 cylinders.
  • Cylinders will puncture/inject in the collar where oxygenated medication will recirculate filtering battery powered for comfort and ease of the wearer.

Thanks for choosing IBM Tech Eng as your preferred companion, here, there and everywhere you go. Go easy and go safe. More enjoyment for less.

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