What Next? SuperCharge into White Night by Adriana CEO

Is it possible that Solar Panel will be causing that extra heating to aid Warmth Climatisation – Definitely, yes.

How to remedy?

Making the Mind Feel Extremely Rich – Being able to afford sleeping in broad daylight. How do you feel knowing that you went to sleep at 10 pm and waking up like it would be 10 am? Would anyone really complain about CHANGING HOURS ? Maybe not. Science knows and Science will tell.


Creation of cooling system or ventilation – new external ventilation to run inside specified rooms – to any room depending on the over-super-charges. Not wasting is to put it in use at night or during the day with ventilation when winds are highest and winds are calm.

To: Lighting up when it starts to get a little darker. Just picture yourself in your backyard and someone is mowing the lawn at 23h00 – or – swimming, BBQ and playing in our own backyard, at the city’s park or possibly just walking the dog.

Thomas Edison wanted to light up the world at night. I want to live it out – who knows whose mind will wake up. Solar Panels that light up at night just to use up the over-super-charge and nothing more.

It may lift up moods especially during the winter months here in Canada. To try is adventure in itself – neurology included here with their feedback and what they have acquired during the last 30 years.  Neurology in itself is a field starting from complete curiosity for the dark areas our brain presents. It seems so difficult to look for something when we, the neurologist, cannot pin point those general spots that could answer for everyone. The brain may have the perfect chambers, the perfect sockets but are they penetrable. In other words are they meeting their fulfillment.  In order to be fulfilled we must achieve what we set to do. Our brains need this fulfillment.  We convert what we live out since our brain already have these chambers to accommodate what we are aiming at.

Have more daylight even in its small dosage may change our North American behaviors.

Instead of just picturing it… here is what many giants of the light bulb and batteries will be prepared to do. Working along sides of Electric Power – constructing solar panels that light up the world at night only when supercharged. Or if neurology wants to experiment – it would be here and not in NWT only – since we live with a different kind of depression and these kinds of depression can be addressed as well.

Helium Oxygen + Longer Dawns to light or Dawns into dark = Reform in the way we live.

Helium Oxygen Ventilation + Lighter nights and lighter dawns.

We are ready as soon as the boardrooms are ready to work on the HOW and WHERE.

I would like to start in the Bahamas but Quebec would be the first in Canada since Hydro Quebec and Baie James are the only 2 I know of. I have many islands and territories and they would be next. The faster we get these plans moving the faster we get results.

To call it the Thomas Edison Inventions – no, but he lit up my brain into this plan. So thank you.


Follow up on Solar Panel published March 29, 2017

Expertise Starts GE Sylvania Philips MagicSolar Rechargeable in a pocket!

Something New or something becoming BETTER. More visualized in its performance and its securities.

Roof REDONE to accommodate Solar Panels

Poles Refurbished to distribute Solar Power to 4 homes – cables and connections go by visiting the invoicing department and asking them before the jobs on the given streets – their consumption. Please Mr. Accountant, give me the records of these 4 houses for Solar Panels on the Pole. If a person really uses less – why get so much vs a 3 of the 4 who use more? When someone uses much more, that address will get more cables.

Pricing is always the same. Mr. Accountant. Whatever the amount goes to the house. That’s something the owner cannot take with him but can put it in the pricing reasoning of the house. This house is performing at 100% electric capacity with a bill reflecting 40 to 60% annually. It fluctuates. The swimming pool and winter scenes. Now let’s say I run my swimming pool all year, it’s about 60% of the actual cost and I save roughly 40% per year. Which is good. It did cost me a bundle to coat my swimming pool with some thermo material from the base up.

I have a water tank on wi-fi to regulate itself with the amount of hot water I use. It does have two levels I believe Hydro already has this – it heats up as it runs in or when the tank is full? Which one is more economical? Turbo distribution? A new tank in the making? Will this new tank have a glass side from top to bottom? Should it? If it does – it may mean that the water tank is connected to the cable which heats the glass? Yes? Okay use that one.


Order of the Day for all older Students

Mandate I send to GE Sylvania Philips.

Who will arrive to the Magical Conclusion First?

I predicted Germany. Then again, France, Italy, Russia without being favoritism it could be Canada or USA. one of them will come out with the model, the matrix ou la matrice.

Turn on your Brain Engines! Men has been created in God’s image.

First there was LIGHT! The world needs a source of Light, the world needs to start their engine, I feel and believe that Science is almost ready for all the turbulence this light will generate. We should be over 20 yrs ahead of our grandchildren’s demands to supply. Only it shall be their Christmas gifts surprises, they just don’t know it.

Dicton: Used by Birks, good things come in small packages! Then out of the blue!

Nuclearise your imagination!       

Use your senses!  Revision on already proven acquisition – our methods of surging energy.

Visualise the conversion with combinations sectionals together!



First was the single Flash then it turned into 4 flashes in Single Cube.

The pieces of our next Innovation Energy Source.

  • MagicCubic Solar Battery Power Rechargeable.
  • This is a mandate I send to GE Sylvania Philips.
  • First there was a battery then there was one flash bulb then there were 4 in one flashbulbs called the Magic Cube.
  • From battery to flash came a photo.
  • Because the demand is there – I want those flashbulbs become the energy source conversion to have the accessibility to connect to a battery which can be recharged by electricity as we know it and by full light to very sunny areas – I saw something that can become good on a try-out.
  • The small solar panels indoors while being energised through the window. It would be in grosso modo without a particular design, along the wall of a window most preferred by full sun. The edge contour would be made of these new flash magic cubes material since it will be the conductors.
  • What are we looking at:
  • Connectors
  • Transformers
  • Transmitters
  • No emission – therefore something has to shut since we all know that it can cause other damages. Are absorbing UV intensities?
  • Therefore, I am asking the physics + science chemicals + engineer in electronics electricians mechanism to put it all together. The external design can only start after completion of a method that can provide this ability to recharge without electricity as we know it + with the electricity as we know it. Then, it must transmit one or the other through the same modules. The connectors must be made compatible for surcharge and data entry computerised manual or by wi-fi.
  • Apparently it doesn’t really like water. That window cannot be opened.
  • That large solar panel along the bottom part of the wall – will have sockets – plugs as we know them and USB key connection as well. It becomes the first window solar electrical conversion of the room.
  • Just picture this full of Magic Cubes rechargeables – blocks of batteries for any appliance. It is the weakest method nevertheless slowly recharging that’s what we want. Continuous flow with rechargeables feeding. I do not have a room in the living room. I do have one room (bedroom) I would need more full-light than full sun. Mine would be outside and away facing West. Therefore a cable must be inserted somewhere in a wall.
  • TBA.

Words of Wisdom:

The past social turbulences were blamed on silent movies, then it was blamed on record players, then it was blamed on Television and Radio. In the 90’s it was blamed on Computers. Around 2009 the blame began with the zombies on the street on their iPhones. How many were really connected in those years? When these mad scientists get together providing all this energy – we are reaching the world. I am not talking about money here – I am talking about growing generations of similar turbulences. Do not keep your head in the hole of ignorance as status quo. You may believe that the world is changing Mr. Steve Jobs – if the world feels what I feel you would all be dead the moment you are recognised.

When the world has the Energy – the luxurious possession of turning on TV Radios Cellulars, computers – all at hand. Would you be the first one to teach them how to use it or would you start with ABC first. From school. I could bet my last dollar that possibly these little words never entered your mind.

It takes a mind first, right.