What YOU See is not always Gold except by CEO IBM Laughs Louder!


CEO is thrilled to announce that Giants of Electronics Technology will get together to enlighten the darkest corners of Technology Entertainment Science

HP – she was happy to have seen their first computers of late 1970's.

Xerox PhotoCopier – she gave a few representatives a hard time with her jokes.

hplogo  xeroxlogo 




She loves him – he combined quality viewing with quality sound of the times.

fujifilm kodakfilm

These Brand Names are only a few who will assemble our R2D2 – More Brands will be added as we are in the midst of our construction. The best and only but the BEST at IBM.

CEO finds that if they could all contribute in NASA's developments – they can and will develop a R2D2 for us on earth.

When she wants something CEO aims very very very high then will settle for a certain level. She says when you aim low, you get nothing but a stepping stone for something better. Who is that person who settles? CEO will not settle for permanency in your dormancy.

Objectives: Invisible Reversibles Invertibles Convertibles

What would happen if you were very very rich in sound, screen movements?

"Just like winning at the lottery biggest jackpot it won't change you except, you'll laugh louder."

Sweet Dreams says CEO of IBM-TES the best are looking after your health and happiness for a price… that is.


Every Christmas our R2D2 will have new attachments. What's Spirit of Christmas Gifting for, A?



Look at what the CEO fell in love with. "Don't mess with the Monkey"