What’s New in Canada New England? by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Semi-Oval more than Semi-Circle Dome

Mesh Net Solar Panels Cables 

Invisible Screens filling inner outer Mesh Cells

Heat Cooling System Conductor

Wi-Fi Computerised for Viewing

That's for Big O or the White Elephant of Montréal

Retractable by Lift Method

——– // ———  ——– // ——— ——– // ———

Environmental Friendly Good System for our International Waters

Flatter Dome Jet Powered 

Solar System That Keeps on Regenrating

Regenerating ForceJet Propulsion

Floaters Connected

Will HAVE Cooling System for Ice Makers

Ice Makers will collected water and Eject Ice Cubes

Sundown Regulated for Effective Cooling – Waters

Works on 12 hour Timer.

Vacuums in Ocean Water – Ejects Ice 

Some Parts will Permit Swirls 

This Method could be effective even on Lakes + Rivers

What ELSE you may ask?!?!?

Addressing our environmental problems will start to get easier.

Ultra Violet can they be minimised?

Can this Cooling Floating System be the MotherBoard

of many possibilities?!?!?

Whenever Computerised Systems are used possibilities numbers cannot do otherwise but climb.

Many possibilities how to reduce minimise colonisation of insects as well. It can clean up our atmosphere by reducing their harm effects too. We're always in research on how we can breathe clean air or close, how our fisheries will benefit from it and how we can stop pollution from growing in warm waters such as the Pacific.

It's going to take quite a bit of floaters, yes?

Yes! It will be a pleasure to put our heads together to come up with solutions to our forever aging planet.

I believe that when our fisheries, forestries and landscapes are free of colonies of infestation drastically reduced – medication and other medical intervention will be more efficient.

Don't forget LIFE is 80% Human + 20% Luck.

I never threaten my employees I just spell the word – financial death, poverty, illnesses, diseases and bad weather conditions is all that is left when you get kicked out of IBM-TES.