Zoom MirrorWand Uploading Tool Portable by CEO of IBM-TES

Hello Everybody

Something new at IBM for 2020

Portable MirrorWand that will scan with photo and video (select) SEEN at every dentist but not seen as a portable method on Wi-Fi for our computers PC and Portable Devices including the mobile phones.

Taking the photo and videos of what needs to be scanned and stored can be made easier with auto-zoom for colored folders.

  1. Color Folder is all about placing content in the right folders. 
  2. Folders are and can be: Any Social Media Platform
  3. May or May NOT be suitable for all websites 
  4. Send to Downloads as Photo Video Scan with Label Color 
  5. Connect to skype video and or photos contact(s)
  6. Up to 36 Link-Connections 
  7. List will appear in the Mirror itself. Push Button to send to color folder

I wanted to copy some articles from a magazine (s) and decided that something can be done if I would be outside the house – a wand. I believe going direct today, and not yesterday, is the only logical way to go. Plus, choice of sizes on auto. Click Display Send to: with push-button (36)

Please do humour the CEO. She believes she is part of the modern toolization.