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G20 comes up with Solutions to help with Global Warming

Here are some techniques IBM will be using.

In the early 70’s I was asked where I got a T-Shirt – it was 100% cotton made in Canada. Then I was asked to bring them some real Canadian bacon and its strips of lard and not back bacon. I asked them what was wrong with their bacon and the reply was: It shows you didn’t eat it here yet. I was also asked to bring them Marijuana because Canada did not throw pesticide on it and it just tasted much better well now, I am telling US Patriots that we can do more with Canadian Made. I want only car manufacturers of Canada and New England to pitch in this quest for Global Warming Gas Emission Reduction. 

We are to procure these methods for worldwide consumption – as well, solar panels. The cars are made to last at some parts of the world. Why build more than what we need?

I am not going to send $2Billion to some 3rd world country. Other measures can be used. Time will tell. Third world never needed that much to do for Global Warming – therefore, I need to hear the truth behind this bullshitsuch as details and amplification of what has been discussed at the summit.

Amazonia is being torn down and it seems like its the natural thing to do – Question: Why is everyone quiet about it and why is everyone letting this happen? Rainforests and such are going through the same. Waiting for someone to reply in words is not my forte. I am not a diplomat. I can only re-establish its order and stop this unnatural perversion to go on. Will try to send other people to arrest them and take them to a jail where they can all wait for trial. Enough is enough – I am not going to take anymore abuse from anyone. Pass this page around to all leaders of the world.  If you want to LIVE longer on your planet – Methods of operations – Gas emissions and more need to be upgraded to the needs of the population of the world with a reflective method and not I am here for a short while and I will do as I please. If that is your way of life and conduct – it is best to resign from your positions before I have you executed for corruption and trying to kill the population with your gross negligence.

Thanks a lot to all fucking idiots reading this. 

Canada and New England will:

  • Build hybrid batteries for cars (trying to aim for General Use) for any given car
  • Car manufacturers will bring down their yearly quota for new cars thereafter
  • Car manufacturers will replace or/and add hybrid powered batteries
  • Employees of these car manufacturers will also do home residentials commercials buildings Electricity Upgrades to meet today’s needs for conservation and less gas emissions.
  • What will IBM Tech Eng build for this? 
  • Any existent electrical outlet will first be either fixed or replaced depending of age of building or dwelling
  • A intermediate/conversion screw-in plug-in battery USB built-in with MemoryCell Timer will help reduce need to surge power from transformers thus less need to overuse and less repairs and/or replacements
  • TV, Radios, Computers, Cell Phones, iPads, iPhones and more will use the same kind of battery USB MemoryCell Timer 
  • Small Appliances can benefit of it also. Stoves and fridge, washer and dryer. 
  • All programs will remain intact should there be a kick-in conversion from electrical power to MemoryCell Timer
  • Program Panels are per appliance and can be easily controlled 
  • We all know that Solar Power is next on the list and this is something that is still in the works.
  • IBM is always searching for a method to minimize the space it takes to live comfortably
  • Cost is always at its lowest

Sprinkler System Air Spiral with Air Compressor giving out Maximized Ejection (up to 120 feet)

with Monsanto who once destroyed with chemicals now can make all the changes to better the environment.

Many won’t forgive and forget nevertheless, Monsanto was not really acting in consequence to the devastating outcome.  They will provide the beneficial chemicals to open the molecules in the oxygen and filter the air with menthol and slow release fertilizer eco-friendly. It will give vegetation to regenerate and provide an improved oxygen in the atmosphere.

hotsprings AirCompressor conduitsprinkler lawnsprinkler

semicircle  screensheet  spout watercylinder


Objectives: Luxurious for Solar Powered Hot Springs

or/and Oxygen Purifier

Easily Installed – Chemicals to protect environment and vegetation.

IBM Tech Eng with Monsanto Expertise for this project.

First countries to receive this new method is: China – Taiwan – Russia

Including West of Canada – West Coast of United States – Brazil

Prices may vary but no subjected to options only per size of landscape.

Thank you for choosing IBM Tech Eng as per your preferred companion.

Enjoy more for less.

Chrismas 1989



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