American Standard no Longer Standard check New Standard by CEO of IBM-TES

It's taking Whirlpool Jacuzzi and American Standard too long to come up with a simple concept.

Addressing everyone's needs from baby to seniors with or without handicaps.

IBM-TES decides to go for it.

Transform your bathroom forever. Give it accessibility. Give it to your kids and to your grandparents. Ideally, it will not go wrong when you resell your home for whatever reason.

The price? How big is your bathroom.

Because the tub has jacuzzi and a door it doesn't mean IBM-TES will charge an arm and a leg for it. Installation by IBM-TES – guarantee is valid. Buy the Standard IBM-TES + installation is included.

What's taking so many companies so long to come up with Standard Products for growing families?

Not sure. You snooze, you lose and you have lost this market.

Material + Installation is comparable to new bathroom installation. 

Compare prices. Compare products. 

Compare guarantee.

I saw some fucking garbage for over 12,000 just the walk-in tub.

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